England Coast Path – let’s go!

The longest managed coast path in the world?  Here in England?  Great!

Finished by 2020 but with sections already open today?  So I can get a head start?

I’ve muddied boots on small sections of coastal path, usually as a reaction to life frustration, or unexpected sunshine, or perhaps the sudden tight waist on jeans.

And I have a secret … the real reason I always undertake coastal paths is not a love of the sea, nor a delight in coastal towns … it’s that I’m utterly rubbish at navigation.

So, “keep the sea within sight at all times” ensures I don’t get lost.

The coast is also perfect for my particular form of overnighting … I call it “crash camping” where one walks until dusk, finds a spot to hide, slides into a bivvy bag and collapses. Set an alarm for ten minutes before dawn, and start walking. Repeat.

So … 2800 miles … 4500 km … I’m 40 … should manage it before I croak?

Incentivise myself … start a blog … tell friends down the pub that I might be the first person to complete the whole path … join in with their laughter.

Rather impressed by the footpath planners – Natural England … like their ambition … link below appears to be regularly updated and includes developing maps –

Link to – England Coast Path on Natural England gov.uk website – including access maps

I’ll aim to update this site as I potter on, for my own benefit as a journal and as proof of walks walked.


A couple of photos from a recent walk on the South West Coast Path, to cheer up this first post!

Cake and Coastal Path Walk in Cornwall

I firmly believe in embracing any opportunity to eat homemade cake when coastal walking.

Portscatho - Milk and cake - coastal walk Cornwall More homemade cake, stopping at Portscatho in Cornwall. Tea is another addiction, hence the small milk for my evening crash-camp.


Miles walked – 0

Hours walked – 0



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