About me … Jozef Jupiter

I’m a 40 year old bookseller from Kent with too much energy.

Our home looks out over the sea, I kayak on the sea, cycle alongside the sea, work by the sea … so the new 2020 England Coast Path sounded great.

Jozef Jupiter Snowdonia

I’ve found a nice place in life, with a good girl, where holidays and days away are spent playing in the great British countryside.

Perhaps I’m boring, I’d prefer different, but my travelling pleasures spring from a deeper understanding of the familiar. From observing and participating in our glorious seasons. The delight of surprise given by our wild animals when accidentally observed. Meeting new people. Moving about.

I love returning to the same British places, seeing them afresh with older eyes each time. The photo above, from last year, must be the 30th time I’ve climbed Snowdon. Yet each time is different, special, by a new route, in a new season, with new ideas, thoughts, ambitions and frustrations popping about in my mind as I ascend and descend.

Jozef Jupiter beer fire

Maybe a fire in Sweden, Canada or New Zealand would be more exciting. But I get enough pleasure in my local pub, photo above, with a beer and good company,Β poking their fire.

Beer is important. I’ve not drunk anything stronger since December 2015 … that story is another reason why I walk.

Jozef Jupiter kayak beer coast

Have I wiffled enough?Β  Like water, like exploring Britain, like niche, like beer …

I’m enticed by the concept of walking the new 2020 England Coast Path. The utter freedom, simply a few coastal arrows requiring an application of desire, time, health, beer, cake and energy.

Sounds like me.

As the path will not be complete until 2020, I’ll aim to walk the sections as they are released. Few days here, few days there.

Rather tickled by the lottery excitement of “which bit will they let me walk on next?”

They’ve gone to such an effort to create this new coast path, it’d be both daft and rude not to walk it.

Boat pic

So, with photos showing I like messing about on the water, a vague explanation of why a contented man needs to walk 2800 miles for no financial reward, an “About Me” page is complete.

Cheers, Jozef Jupiter