Deal to Dover walk – England Coast Path – day 2


The second day of my coast walk!  After a few months absence due to a dodgy knee, I was buzzing with excitement on the train toward Deal.

I’m making a point of touching a specific “jump on” and “jump off” object at the beginning and end of each day – partly because it’s fun and partly to ensure the video of the walk has good continuity.

At Deal it was the placing my hand on the bronze sculpture “Embracing the Sea” at the entrance to Deal pier –

This is at the end of day 1 (Ramsgate to Deal) –

Jump off point - Deal Pier - coastal walk -bronze statue Embracing the Sea by sculptor John Buck

and this is 8:15 am on Day 2 – Wednesday 14th November 2018 –


After a decent breakfast at the Waterfront Hotel opposite the pier –


Gopro turned on, sea to the left, and away!


Zipping on the concrete pavement out of Deal, I jumped over the sea wall and crunched along the shingle to look at the fishing boats.


Here’s the Deal to Dover video from today!  3 hours of walking compressed into 12 zippy minutes –


The Deal fishing fleet of boats sleep at the top of the beach, pulled up by old diesel motors that themselves live in rough mini-sheds. I enjoyed walking over the oiled runners, lengths of wood or plastic, lying parallel to the sea, over which the boats slide up and down the shingle.


The weather was perfect, crisp November morning, very low tide with a soft low sunrise sun.

I liked the wooden “Golden Spray” of the Walmer beached boat fleet –


Along with the joys of examining fishing gear, especially lobsters pots!  Spot my AZ map –


I popped up from the shoreline to look at Walmer Castle, which is directly on the England Coast Path, before diving back to crunching my way to Kingsdown.

Kingsdown marks the start of the White Cliffs of Dover. A collection of beach huts, the beach pub Zetland Arms, followed by a intimate sandy beach.



As it was low tide, I walked around the headland, jump balancing on seaweed slippery rocks, to enjoy the first view of the mighty white cliffs.


Returned back around the headland, the England Coast Path takes the excited walker up a steep section of cut steps to the top of the cliffs, past the Walmer and Kingsdown Golf Club.


A sweeping cliff top path, alongside the cliff edge, takes the elevated walker at a good pace, until seeing St. Margaret’s Bay in the distance. Spot my Gopro –


Houses and trees appear as the path sweeps down toward the bay, down a super cut set of steep steps in the cliff face that propel one straight into the Bay.

Ping!  My mobile proudly announced, care of EE, that it welcomed me to France, only 18 miles swim away!  At the time is was amusing, little did I realise the chaos it would cause the next day, as my mobile had automatically adjusted itself an hour ahead and stayed at French time. Grrrrrrr.



The England Coast Path then ascends past the bay Coastguard pub, slowly ascending back to cliff top height.

A pleasant amble leads to the South Foreland Lighthouse, with the reassuring sight of ferries steaming for the Port of Dover that must be “around the corner”.


Venturing off the path to cliff edges the scale of the White Cliffs of Dover is impressive. Chalk collapses do occur, which added to the natural thrill.


As did this gully, a one-way inadvisable slide to sea level, leading to either death or a charitable post-rescue RNLI contribution.


Superb chalk meanders lead toward the people-populated White Cliffs visitor centre, then dip toward a lovely steep path, heading straight for the Port of Dover, with a wonderful view of Dover Castle top right –


At the bottom of this descending path – THE NOISE!  After a few hours of natureful isolation and delight in being a solo coast walker, the coast path was swallowed below and above by thundering lorries and the concrete of the Port of Dover.


A few paces later I’d had enough and with the perfect “jump off” point just ahead, in the form of a traditional red phone box, I called it a day and enjoyed a beer at the White Horse Pub.



Times for today – Deal to Dover on the England Coast Path –

Left Deal Pier at 8:15 am

Arrived at Port of Dover at 11:45 am

So …. I walked 3 hours without a break.

Having walked 9.5 miles that’s 3.2 miles an hour (or at 15.3 km that’s 5.1 km an hour).



Total days walking ONLY on the England Coast Path – 2

Total distance walked ONLY on the England Coast Path – 26.9 miles / 43.3 km

Hours walking ONLY on the England Coast Path – 9 hours 50 minutes

Hours spent away from home on Coast Path England adventures – 18 hours 30 min

Blisters – 3

Beers enjoyed during England Coast Path walking – 3

Flying insects accidentally ingested – 1

Money spent on trains/hotels/petrol/parking – £25.25

GoPro 4k photos taken – 70,776

GoPro time lapse video footage – 33 minutes

Maps purchased – 4